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5 least intimidating military uniforms

Additionally, recruits may not be recruited into XGN within 30 days of previous membership of any gamer community, or clan including XGN.5.) XGN members take pride in their membership, and are encouraged, (but not required) to change their gamertag/name to reflect XGN.

The uniform a country chooses for its military is an important decision.

It needs to represent the country at large, be highly recognisable and most importantly it needs to look tough.

If this occurs, you have 24 hours to replace this in order to come back as if nothing happened.

If after 24 hours you want to come back to XGN, you must start over as a new member.6.) Your Xbox Live profile settings, including MOTTO, NAME, LOCATION, and BIO, must be visible at all times so other members of XGN can authenticate you as an actual member.

There is a minimum height requirement to join the Evzones of 1.86 m (6′ 1.2″). They’ve been dressing like this since the 1800s so I guess we’re stuck with it.

It is ONLY a requirement to place XGN in your gamertag in order rank up past Master Sergeant, and it must always be in caps.

5 least intimidating military uniforms-805 least intimidating military uniforms-65

Do not leave a game with fellow members because you are losing or not playing well.Like Mel Gibson’s blue faced warriors or the fur covered, beardy viking hoard.If you’re going into battle you want the enemy to gaze across at your line of infantry and think “these guys look like the real deal”.No rank above Master Sergeant may be attained without passing XGN’s test for the rank.Accepting a leadership position is a choice, and more importantly a privilege, with the understanding that you may be asked to step down at any time.NOTE: offerings and/or promises for membership participation is considered (Profit to stay) and is also strictly prohibited.