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Previously, the Sierra Madre Occidental silicic large igneous province and Comondú Group had been widely regarded as supra-subduction volcanism, with the Comondú Group in particular defining the location of the early to mid-Miocene supra-subduction zone volcanic arc and therefore acting as both a spatial and temporal barrier to when the rifting of the Gulf of California could begin.

More broadly, this continental magmatism occurring during the last phase of subduction of the Farallon Plate between the late Eocene and the middle Miocene shows little to no petrogenetic connection to the active plate boundary and is more strongly linked to the progressive thinning of the upper plate and establishment of a shallow asthenospheric mantle beneath western Mexico.

Despite requiring further investigations and discussions, the dating of numerous events across the entire Alps during the middle Holocene period suggests a potential synchronous triggering of several large-scale gravitational-failures induced by the mid-Holocene climatic transition.

In clinical guidelines, drugs for symptomatic angina are classified as being first choice (β-blockers, calcium-channel blockers, short-acting nitrates) or second choice (ivabradine, nicorandil, ranolazine, trimetazidine), with the recommendation to reserve second-choice medications for patients who have contraindications to first-choice agents, do not tolerate them, or remain symptomatic.

Highlighting in this study the spatial and temporal concordant clustering of deep-seated slope failures in the external Southwestern Alps, we discuss and review the possible causes for such wide-spread slope instabilities at both local and larger (Alpine) scale.

The space–time pattern of crustal extension is constrained in 39 areas, for which the approximate age of extension can be established on the basis of geologic relations or thermochronology.

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The ascent of buoyant and hot mantle also favored crustal extension in a broad area that progressively focused in the Gulf of California region.Moreover, double or triple therapy is often needed to control angina.Patients with angina can have several comorbidities, and symptoms can result from various underlying pathophysiologies.At ~ 19 Ma, orthogonal extension became focused between the western side of the SMO and eastern Baja California in a ~ 80–100-km-wide belt.Consequences of this switch to a narrow rift mode were a general abandonment of volcanism across much of the wide rift zone and volcanism becoming more effusive and intermediate in composition (the Comondú Group), being concentrated within rapidly extending but narrow tectonic depressions along the future site of the Gulf of California.Recommended Sites Grooby DVD Grooby VR TS Casting Couch TGirls.