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Consolidating to one

But he stopped well short of mandating regionalization and consolidation, and instead pointed to incentives for sharing services and even naming a “czar” to push the cause.

I think you can incent school districts and communities to share services.

That absolutely should be done and will be done.” “This is a big opportunity.

If the stress is reapplied, the soil will consolidate again along a recompression curve, defined by the recompression index.

The soil which had its load removed is considered to be "overconsolidated".

The magnitude of consolidation can be predicted by many different methods.

You (Guadagno) have been there, I’m trying to get there.

This method assumes consolidation occurs in only one-dimension.As a co-sponsor of last night’s gubernatorial debate, NJ Spotlight won the chance to ask one question of candidates Phil Murphy and Kim Guadagno.NJ Spotlight went with school consolidation and regionalization, an issue that has long-dogged a state of more than 560 school districts, leading to arguments of gross inefficiencies and inequities.” The answers weren’t exactly on point, but they revealed the different approaches and priorities of each candidate.Guadagno, the Republican candidate pressing a property-tax-cutting mantra, was the more forceful and slightly more specific.Murphy, the Democrat, spoke about the inequities the state’s disparate system has bred, and New Jersey’s standing as among the most racially segregated school systems in the nation.