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Chely wright dating someone

It was exactly what I needed, and I didn’t know I needed that.

Going into it, my thinking was that a big win would be to get funded, to get to the mark.

It ended up being more of an existential experience for me in that I was hearing from fans that had been with me the whole time, 20 plus years.

It was my faith that actually led me to coming out.

One of my favorite things about the movie (2012’s ) was your dad. He’s the relative that maybe doesn’t understand you being gay, but he accepts it anyway. I thought I was uniquely positioned, having had a successful career in country music, a lot of people who knew my name would hear this story and it might cause them to scratch their heads a bit.

" So I think my dad has done more good for families than you could ever imagine.

I’m like her." God knows we’ve got a long way to go, but goodness, look where we’ve been. It seems like on one hand, what you’d heard in church as a child caused some doubt and guilt.On the other hand, your beliefs have given you a lot of inner strength. Were you ever rebellious against your upbringing because of your own struggles, or have you remained steadfast?

In 2004, she was the anti-Dixie Chick in some listeners' minds, with her hit pro-military anthem “The Bumper of my SUV.” Then, less than six years later, it was Wright’s turn to have fans of a genre lauded for honest storytelling disown her for telling an honest story. Despite the perceived and actual fallout from Wright’s big reveal, she turned to crowdfunding in 2014 to fund the creation and release of , which she released this Sept. The Kickstarter campaign for Wright’s first album since coming out of the closet earned $247,181, making it the highest grossing country music-related project in the site’s history.You saw my dad made Oprah Winfrey cry, and that’s not an easy thing to do.My dad told me, "You didn’t say you killed somebody. You have a different capacity for love than I thought you had, but how in the world could that ever be a bad thing?That’s a really good question because a lot of people who find themselves in a situation like mine become anti-faith because they feel like faith and religion is what shoved them deeper in the closet and made them feel bad about themselves.Honestly, I never felt comfortable pushing my faith practice away from me.That’s okay, because I kind of knew going into my coming out experience that that was a likelihood, but being funded on Kickstarter was secondary to the emotional high bar that was reset for me.