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“Look at your opening letter to women,” says dating expert Dr. “Make sure it’s personal and includes comments specifically about her profile, what you like about it, why you contacted her (other than that picture of her in a bathing suit), and why she should want to get to know you.” Has your profile been up for a while and not getting much play?

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ometimes, the hardest part of online dating is convincing women to write back to you (if you’re a guy who’s just contacted them out of the blue) or getting guys to contact you in the first place (if you’re a gal who’s just posted her profile). You’d spend an easy $50 on dinner, so why not spend that same money and get a new picture?

Our first meeting consisted of a long overdue hug and kiss, after which, I knew it was going to last.

Thereafter, Nicolle and I never wanted to leave each others' side. Within 3 weeks I had moved in with him, we were inseparable and spent all our time together.

It’s hard to define when a “cold streak” starts, but as a rule, if you’ve written to a few dozen women without receiving a single reply — or if you’ve had your profile up for a month and haven’t received so much as a nibble — you might want to consider the following advice. If you don’t have the cash, ask a friend to take some digital photos and pick a couple of good ones, including a head shot and a full-body shot.” Some job hunters mail out hundreds or thousands of resumes to every single help-wanted ad, whether they’re qualified for the position or not — then wonder why they never hear anything back.

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Never give up, there’s someone out there for everyone.You just have to get through a few bad ones to appreciate the good ones!

Now it's January, Ruth is on maternity leave and we have started completing our preparations for our “little one”. Gareth is a serving soldier and I am a Reservist as well as a support worker and full time mother.We both have similar interests and found it so easy to chat all day every day, also we both agreed we were easy on the eye!We chatted online for around 2 and a half weeks before arranging our first date.We became a couple in January, and started seeing each other every time we weren’t working: we would print up our rotas and compare to arrange our time together.As the summer approached we both had very busy work schedules I had to work the Olympics, The Golden Jubilee and Notting Hill carnival.Remember, if you take the time to locate someone truly compatible, the odds of receiving a response shoot way up.