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Among the volunteers there is a young British soldier, Arthur Hamp, who is the sole survivor of his original company.

In Calais, France, he is challenged by a Military Police patrol who promptly arrests him for leaving without permission.

Hamp's commanding officers decide to convene a Court Martial and charge him with desertion.

In fact, both would make an excellent double-feature.

The film begins with an officer (Dirk Bogarde) being asked to defend a deserter.

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If found guilty, Hamp could be shot by a firing squad.Captain Hargreaves is assigned to be Hamp's defending attorney but he seems skeptical about his chances of acquittal for the deserter.

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Scrittore prolifico, nel corso della sua carriera, iniziata nel 1974 con Carrie, ha pubblicato oltre ottanta opere, fra romanzi e antologie di racconti, entrate regolarmente nella classifica dei best sellers, vendendo complessivamente più di 500 milioni di copie.During their first talk, Captain Hargreaves is impressed by his client's utter sincerity and naivete.He learns that his client volunteered on a dare by his friends back home, spent three ...While he obviously was brave for volunteering and fighting in so many god-awful battles, his reaction to all this is a bit odd--like he doesn't fully appreciate the horrible predicament he's in at this time. As far as the trial goes, you know that the court must find him guilty and execute him, lest they admit that the war was a horrible mistake--futile and an atrocity upon the people...they certainly were not about to admit that.It is simply preordained and Bogarde seems to have little care about the doomed man--he is only doing it out of obligation--even after he gets to know the man and pleads his case.See full summary » During World War One, the British troops are entrenched at Passchendaele, Belgium.