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The youngest lives with his mom near Buffalo during the school year. Nevertheless I will always choose Chekhov over manufacturing. I enjoy a healthy lifestyle, exercise daily and consider myself food-centric. Physically and mentally active, with a generally positive outlook on life. M 13836 I am an 84-yeqr-old retired writer llving on the beautiful Monterey Peninsula on California's Central Coast. Over the years I've also worked as a banker, editor, performing artist, and as a program officer for a large grant-making foundation. Mensch seeking menschette for lifelong partnership, family. I'm fully separated (forevah)and co-parenting two girls (14 and 12) and learning a lot about tolerance. UC Berkeley (BA), UCSD (Ph D) Boalt Hall (JD) 67 yo M 13389 Active, fit and healthy. Like the outdoors: hiking, backpacking, body surfing, daily swims, the Sierra, Hawaii (Aloha!! Brown, Harvard Business School, 72, 5’7, divorced, three wonderful adult children. A teacher and writer (Protestant, Amherst '70) who's financially and personally secure, I seek a congenial companion to share tennis, cross-country skiing, hiking and other pleasures. Throw in boating, kayaking, beach-walking, plus three office hours daily and you have a flavor of my life these days. Hobbies: sports/antique cars, airplanes, some golf. Many years divorced, with one grown daughter, two dogs. M 13798 Successful, liberal global policy maven, 64, has enjoyed much of the good things in life but is missing a special friend/partner. Academic, activist at heart who succeeded in business, empty nester, with a flexible and mobile work life; passionate about pursuing my many interests. Love to hike, go for walks, bike, and watch indie films. I work directly in an expressionist manner, using house painting brushes but maintain strict formal goals. M 13145 I am a Yale/Harvard lawyer, about to turn 65 y.o (October 2011) but look and act younger, seeking a partner, age 46-60, who will share the things I like: travel, music, sports, reading, conversation, intimacy, entertaining. 62 yo M 14001 I seek a mature, smart and attractive woman, age 45 - 55 for a long term relationship.

More recently I read scholarly journals, piecing together many people's research in a wide range of fields - figuring out how the heart and the arteries interact. Now partly nomadic with the time, money and other supports to allow for a leisure life of travel, volunteerism, music, art, writing and medical consultation. M 10586 Arts-Sciences, Carnegie-Mellon, RIT, Hopkins. I love music; some say I have Van Gogh’s ear for it. looking for an astute and good humored friend with a sense of humor. Things that are important to me are intellectual curiosity, a sense of humor, flexibility, physical activity, and music. I am a widower and am looking for someone to share special moments with. Active with strong interests in downhill skiing, tennis, scuba diving, biking, lacrosse, golf, and gym (cardio and weights). Looking for a kind, professional woman to share her keen intellect, interests, and passions. All it would take is bright, beautiful, venturesome lady with talents and a world of her own. Training and experience in engineering, business, design, and technology. I also have training and experience in ballroom and improvisational dance, yoga, taiji, and somatic psychology. Intellectual curiosity and spirit are closer to someone in their 20s than my chronological age. I am open to someone who wants a marriage and family. My search is for an attractive, self-assured woman who still possesses a voracious appetite for learning, is devastatingly smart,and someone I will always learn from and love. (Parents: federal government employees-responsible but not political positions.) Wife (deceased, 2014) met when both were teaching at nearby colleges. USA LA M 1811 Entrepreneur/businessman/quondam lawyer, 72, 178 lbs, 5'9", divorced, excellent health, fit and active.

A few years ago I analyzed the structure of the Canadian economy - because I wanted to understand it. Changed careers again to travel, stand on stages, answer questions, then try to find a decent restaurant. Free flight privileges permit me to go where you are. Passionately oppose human exploitation and environmental abuses. Obscure knowledge I possess: I am a good cook; many have eaten in my home and only a few have died. significant experience with mathematics, flying (IFR), computer languages, electronic gadgets, and good high fat food. There are so many fun things to do and places to go. M 13262 I am a 63 year old graduate of Wesleyan and college professor. No religious preference; Chicago/North/West suburbs. NORTHBROOK, IL M 12625 Johns Hopkins BA '74; Princeton MSE '76; Boston University MBA '80; Widower, 61; Two wonderful young adult children and three cute grandchildren; Hi-tech HW and SW consultant; Passion for fine dining, wine, music, museums, the arts, nature, and international travel. WHISTLER, BC, CANADA M 3271 APPRAISAL BY FRIEND'S WIFE: "You've done too much, seen too much, have too much to ever find a match." World-traveled, never-married attorney/writer begs to disagree. M 1410 Unusual person with a transdisciplinary perspective. I enjoy doing all the obvious things in all the obvious places and am deeply suspicious of superlatives.

I also enjoy playing with ideas, analyzing data and finding hidden patterns. Eventually trained to be a handyman on hospital medical staffs to fix problems no one else wanted to see. My charitable involvements are focused on children, the environment and on alumni activities for my college and graduate school universities. M 12296 Retired university professor and vice president. Understanding friend, loyal and resourceful companion. I’ve been told I have a great sense of humor but that it can be on the dry side and I would have to agree. My friends, my relatives, and almost everyone I have been close to is funny. Interests: tennis, biking, dancing, hiking (giant redwoods and deep wilderness), weekend getaways, yoga, dance parties, cards, board games, arts, theatre, movies, music, Great Books seminars, riding, skiing, comedy clubs, the stars, KY Derby, March Madness BB, exploring, world affairs, family, jogging. NIH researcher before i became an ER doc [present occupation; boredom is pernicious]. I would love to meet someone special to share the adventures to come. I enjoy movies, children, NPR, music, reading, travel, computers, outdoor activities, good humor, and Jane Austen (not necessarily in that order). Have had two long-term marriages, both ended in divorce with no children.

Currently a freelance scientific biomedical writer. I've climbed mountains; sailed the ocean; paddled rivers, lakes & streams; skied back-country trails and explored canyons. I have used vacation travel to visit challenged areas of the world, including those in Africa, Asia and Latin America. I value the important things in life and I like to think I can spot the good in people. I value the people I have around me and I treat them the way I want to be treated. Seeking: A layered, textured woman of thwarted dreams who has none of the virtues I dislike and all of the vices I admire. born NYC, raised chicago, harvard, columbia, then raised family in bethesda md, widower (i am french by marriage), pun loving existentialist - experienced iconoclast and literalist. I moved to just below Clearwater Beach about 3 years ago to work less and enjoy life far more. M 13846 Columbia '70, 67, 6'3", intellectual, INTJ, attractive and fit, devoted dad, with healthy life style. I'm a spiritual atheist who feels deeply compelled to make certain that my work is a force for positive change.

I have a consuming passion for regional American music and culture. The same can be said about my politics: moderately socially liberal but no passion about different issues: war: medically excused from fighting in Vietnam: dumb war, we didn't belong there, now Irag: not our war, what the Hell are we doing there? I have worked in DC for an Independent US Senator [Lowell Weicker [I-CT], 1981-86]. 67 yo, still actively lawyering because I enjoy solving problems. One b'day friends gave me a large T-shirt with the inscription, "Man of Heart and Mind." I've tried to grow into it.:) 61 yo M 12755 Warm, upbeat, high-energy, athletic investor, consultant and author who acknowledges everything is more fun with the right partner. We walk near the blue Pacific Ocean, in Palos Verdes, CA, part of LA. We have one son, a transplant surgeon in Chicago at Northwestern's hospital. SAN FRANCISCO M 3409 Columbia '71, 65, 6', divorced, scientist, smart, funny, idealistic, generous, attractive, upbeat, lively intellect, warm heart, level head. Likes all music and sports, films, art museums, travel to Europe and the Americas, family and friends and sense of humor. I like hiking, tennis, movies, children's jokes, collecting 19th c. I'm a molecular biologist and patent attorney, but you'd hardly know by looking at me. If you have a dry sense of humor, I'll probably make you laugh. M 11700 Good sense of humor with passion for life, people, love and knowledge. Prefer someone who likes to travel and who has a genuine interest in different cultures. USA FL M 13925 While in college I watched a film on an expedition into the Amazon and was transformed. Once free from military duty, I charged off to Southeast Asia to photograph wildlife. Interests include the arts, travel adventure, golf, politics, learning, exploring and terrific friends. Actively planning interesting "third act." Good sense of humor and hope for the same. Warm, funny, inquisitive, corporeal; sometimes serious and cerebral. M 5795 Northwestern (BA'72), U of Louisville Med (MD'76), Yale (Res), 61 yrs old, 6'1"/195 lbs, never married, athletic, clean-cut, N/S. Love to read, attend concerts (classical, jazz, etc.), lectures, film, art galleries, dinners, walks in nature and city, discuss ideas and world affairs, politically liberal, spiritual but not religious, travel, and have fun. Loves nature, animals, water, tennis, movies, travel, hiking, NYC culture, skiing, animals, islands, theater. ISO cute, kind, warm, fun, fit woman, for LTR or marriage. In my work, I explore the interface between neuroscience and law. Looking for a serious relationship with a woman with similar enthusiasms. Smart, witty, intellectual, rational, reasonable, agnostic, spiritual, excellent listener, can talk. Spend time reading, walking/hiking, tv, music, movies. But I am very much a homebody who treasures just hanging out and cuddling on the sofa while watching TV or a movie. If God exists, he/she/it is a terrible underachiever.

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);would love to find someone with similar intellectual interests (think NYReviewof Books), plus similar intense physicality UAE UA M 13726 65 yo raised agnostic in awe and respectful of the natural world; professor of mechanical engineering (solar thermal and building science); like to wander by foot, bike, canoe, dingy; Mozart, Desmond Dekker, Knopfler, Betty Carter; reading, homebody; can cook and repair anything from loose buttons to diesel rebuild. cheap date (half glass of wine); no sense of humor. Long-time full-time dad to an especially wonderful 22 year who has left for University Given to good, kind, funny, and honest company. USA AZ M 12610 Seeking a special person with whom to share a higher love - one filled with conscious awareness and the joy of being. Although I am originally from NYC and have lived in many places, I currently have a successful law practice in Yuma, AZ. I have a 24 year old son, live with my two dogs, and have relatively little baggage. 64 yo M 7559 69 yo, widowed, Ivy-educated ex-lawyer, college dean, former XC skier and later a coach of the US Ski Team is searching for an alert, aware and w/ it woman to join w/ me in meeting and greeting whatever life might deposit on any "us" as we create a positive, hi-energy, fun-filled, loving partnership. LOS ANGELES M 13912 I think it would be quite nice to spend time with someone who finds the world interesting, purposeful, and even funny, who wants to see and try new things, who talks about thoughts and feelings openly and honestly, who is authentic and can't stand pretension. SCOTTSDALE, AZ M 7349 Harvard AB, Yale Ph D, ex-Caltech professor, 62, attractive, warm & friendly, athletic. 65 yo M 3785 Soulful teacher, writer, and photographer, 63yo. Love outdoors, gardening, film, dance performances. M 13702 I'm somewhere between wild and crazy and old and in the way. If we see a movie, I'd like to know what you felt about it. I like the monuments of Maya Lin, the poetry of Robert Frost, the buildings of Frank Lloyd Wright and Santiago Calatrava, lots of music from Beethoven to Eva Cassidy, John Barry to Elvis, Harry Connick to Miles Davis, but not Britney Spears, and not Cher. Born and raised in Manhattan, have belonged to the Harvard Club of NYC for many years; I enjoy trips to Vermont, Maine, Boston, and Italy. A lapsed Unitarian, I have no religious preferences. I don't do some favorite things because for me they are not much fun to do alone e.g., cuddling, travel, jazz clubs, comedy clubs, theater, movies, and concerts. Especially enjoy reading mysteries, history and science. Prefer someone who is passionate, as I myself am very passionate. plus, to take up floor loom weaving together and, he’s very serious about both and, still masters anything he does! Have always had an academic interest in religion and was accepted into the Episcopal Church a number of years ago. Handsome, great physique, dark hair/eyes, creative and playful. Enjoy flying, tennis, NPR/PBS, hiking, travel, museums, canoeing. I currently have homes in Boston and in Sarasota, FL. I seek a long term relationship with a bright woman who enjoys travel, family and good conversation. My interests are art (Titian, Veronese and Caravaggio), opera (Mozart, Verdi and Puccini),fiction (Mann, Bernhard, Proust, James, and Svevo), theater (Shakespeare, Frayn, Stoppard), travel (Europe), and wine (California, France, Italy). I travel to explore, always armed with my camera and endless enthusiasm. Played tennis in college, now gym, 6'1 60 salt and pepper curly hair. I am spontaneous and would love to find someone who is similarly inclined.

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I love classical chamber music- particularily Beethovan, Mozart PUERTO RICO PR M 13977 Live on beautiful mostly undeveloped Caribbean island, in NYTimes-featured house on beach with pool in the living room where two adult children and grands all happily visit; love Life and am incredibly lucky in pretty much every way -- BUT, greatly miss a companion (was married for over 20 years, and then had two fairly long relationships); feel -- others would say look, and some (perhaps less charitably) might say act -- like going on 56; visit NYC about once a month (including a continuing private foundation role there, and enjoying my excellent club, the Century), plus trips this year to Lima, Boston, DC, NC (place and family "of origin"), French Alps, Venice; am lapsed Episcopalian (father who was Bishop perhaps explains that? Seeks secular female counterpart who appreciates the above for co-creation of lasting partnership. Appreciate spirituality (but not a church-goer) SAN FRANCISCO/BAY AREA. plays jazz piano, conversation, travel within the US, Europe, Hawaii, Mexico, Canada. M 9980 64, SWM, 5'11","Recovering" lawyer now in financial services after many years of corporate law. I like to know what you think, but also why you think it. Writing a book about rebuilding my farmhouse in Tuscany. I keep busy with writing, gardening, tennis, golf, rowing, cycling, swimming, x-country skiing. I like taking courses, book discussion groups, and dining out with friends. I am looking for someone who is trustworthy, truthful and loyal. perhaps, she too an Episcocat If anyone wants to know what an old man like that does for amusement besides his rocker on the back porch tell them he’s an avid bridge player and looking for a partner for the bridge... 5'9.5", 165#, Boston-Worcester M 7770 Harvard '78, 5'11", single. Fit, funny, well-read, stable, affectionate, genuine. Getting back into tennis, golf, squash and skiing and look forward to rediscovering a wide range of cultural activities in Boston and environs. More in touch with reality than most--it's a tough job but somebody has to do it ?! M 3932 55, 5'11", neuropsychologist, health consultant, entrepreneur, writer, and former professor. I like going out to movies, theater, concerts and I love to travel, Europe especially. Seeking a similar counterpart who wants to share the joys of everyday living and the peak experiences which life can bestow. I am widowed (14 years) and my youngest is a pre-med college junior. I teach legal theory in Florence, Britain and at Rutgers (taught at Columbia, Georgetown and UT Austin). I am passionate about the arts, particularly photography, and Italy where I am a partner in a financial services business located in Rome where I am lucky enough to have an apartment. When I have a break in my schedule, I just go -- often to exotic locales.I also enjoy rewarding work -- mine is varied (new author with book now in book stores; mathematician and economist; active on nonprofit boards). I'm very fit, short, active, travel often to interesting places, would like to meet someone compatible who likes the same -- or at least a good part of it. Santa Barbara, Oxford University (Wadham College) and Harvard Law School. I live on the Bay in Belvedere, Marin County north of San Francisco. I am 5'11", reportedly good looking, intellectual, politically liberal, and sensitive to the needs and interests of the people who are close to me. A., History, '67), and went to law school at Harvard (J. I divorced 10 years ago, and I now live in Sausalito. Conversely, if you are reading this you have lucked out and found one of the "good ones," or a mensch as we say; so, let's celebrate our worldly successes together, but not allow it to get in the way, as many people do, of finding a way for us to meet, fall in love and make a life together. I'am looking for woman who may be someone 73-85 who might join me now or when I am ready to move - or I might join her if that is what would be best. Young at heart, whimsical, easy-going, active, reasonably fit 72 year-old divorced humanist with two kids in their thirties. I am also tall, dark (now graying), not bad to look at, and 62 years old. I am kind, curious, sensitive, funny, warm, passionate, adventurous, successful, and confident. I have two lovely, independent adult children; family and friends are important to me. Value dedication, making a difference in life, intellectual curiosity, creativity, family and friends, healthy living, honesty and integrity. Extremely fit, I am probably best defined by my dedication to a very active, healthy lifestyle. 67, 5'11", 185 lbs, athletic and very healthy..ENFP and an empath.71yo INDONESIA BA M 11259 I work on biodiversity conservation, mostly marine or wetlands projects in Asia, focused on building capacity and sustainability. Enthralled by the complexity and beauty of the world, but irreligious. My morning walk on the beach with K, a Weimaraner-Retriever cross, is the best part of any day. A graduate of Exeter, Princeton, and Berkeley, I have been widowed twice and have no children. I'd like to meet someone with whom I share interests and values in common, complete mutual respect, and ultimately a committed, loving long-term relationship. I am open to all religions, or a lack of religion, but the key issue for me is a person's tolerance and willingness to accept different beliefs. 1-1-2016: I was reading the bio's of some of the amazing women on this site, (and so many who are Jewish) and who are probably looking for many of the same things I am, so don't let distance get in the way, from NYC to San Diego and points in between. I am registered voter who generally votes for Democrat canadates, a dyslexic and would be artist. Retired mathematician/computer scientist, but definitely not a nerd. You: 55 , like the outdoors, travel, energetic, fit, a good mind, honest, happy, caring. I would like to share my life with a friend and lover--same person, preferably! I have lived in Colorado for many years, but was raised in CT and NY and visit the city frequently. I have been on an exploration of spiritual thought since high school. I love laughing, talking, dining, traveling; books, theater, art, ideas; opportunities for learning and growing; and giving/receiving affection. Columbia Business School, technology business owner, dedicated father, divorced, 60 yo. I can stand on my head and perform other interesting parlor tricks. Interests: swimming, bicycling, gym, travel, books, music, film. I have been a marathon runner but now I prefer hiking, distance road biking, a "gentle" jog with my pooch and taking more time to truly experience and appreciate my surroundings. M 12302 Technology company executive, relocated to greater Boston area in 2013. Came to Santa Fe 30 years ago after stints in New York & Los Angeles. I love NYC, classical music (play string quartets), serious literature (I lead a great books discussion group),political and other discussions, family (3 grown kids w kids of their own--all in NYC), walking, travel (mostly cosmopolitan cities). 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂 #hadmyfill #justlikethat #getoverhere #tigeruppercut #yogafire #yogaflame #tutitimutan #haduken #awwwwuken #issawaroutchea #issascary #issastreetfighter #issamortalcombat #datingpool #backback When creepers creep... You’re probably the kind of guy who screams, “PUT THE LOTION IN THE BASKET!! 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Keep praying don’t cease, don’t stop and don’t grow weary! At first I thought he was sweet, but unfortunately, my interest didn’t go beyond friendship. Look guys, if you keep reminding the girl you’re into that “I’m a REALLY NICE GUY, & ALL” then, you’re probably NOT. The one He has for you will surprise you and surpass everything that you’ve been praying for —BECAUSE YOU PRAYED TO GOD FOR IT! I am divorced with 3 great (most of the time) boys; two of whom are in (or almost in) college. " I have had an unconventional business career, starting and managing a manufacturing business for 25 years. So I appreciate a good sense of humor, along with kindness, warmth, honesty, intelligence, playfulness, grace and enthusiasm. I love all the visual and performing arts, mountains and beaches, conversation, meeting friends. I am a retired professor of American cultural history and have written numerous books, mainly on popular culture and humor. SEEKING A SERIOUS RELATIONSHIP TO SHARE LIFE WITH AN ATTRACTIVE COMPASSIONATE WOMAN. Agnostic, I am extremely tolerant of other beliefs. PALO ALTO, CA M 13816 I'm a musician and a teacher of singing and piano, 72 years of age. I have an active interest in foreign languages and cultures. Loves travel, cycling, golf, tennis, jazz, dancing, movies. I've travelled much of the world and love adventure. Enjoy theatre, movies, sports, books, dancing, politics, travel and working with community and helping people. M 10488 Tall (6' 3"), fit (175 pounds) and 66, I'm warm, energetic and adventurous. I started hiking for recreation also, and ended up founding three hiking non-profits. JACKSONVILLE M 13347 Journalist/media executive deeply involved in public affairs and community-building. Divorced, enjoy being with my three grown sons occasionally, and friendships and family near and far. Progressive, dedicated to family and friends, love my work. M 12859 Enthusiastic, high energy, inquisitive, humorous astonished-to-be-60-year-old; fluent listener, a seasoned world traveler. I live alone, not too far from Boston but planning to move soon to the space and quiet of the New England country side with hopes of sharing same. My work is based on the interior world and its beginnings: first spaces, first events. Very interested in sprituality, Eastern and Western. attractive (they say), tall,lean (136lbs), photo taken 6/13; adventurous; open-minded; fin. Happy, fun, witty, upbeat, affectionate, very loving, honest, reliable, creative, well-raised; well traveled and read. I am also writing a novel set in Florence, and that needs attention as well. Finally, i am insanely in love with my 14 momnth old, Labradoodle, whose night-time goal will always be to sleep in between us if she sees some daylight.