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Once the ice is broken you can suggest continuing face-to-face.

Create Connecting Opportunities It’s very difficult to connect with a teenager when they can quickly ‘escape’ from you by going out to friends or off to their room.

If you need to have talking time or just a little opportunity to be with your teenager to improve the parent-child connection, try thinking of a way to get them on their own without being overt.

They often elect to use social networking sites — especially Facebook — even if their friend is readily accessible for a real, face-to-face conversation.

Texting, too, is popular; teens text each other even when sitting next to each other in class or standing several feet away in the school yard.

Parents often feel an insurmountable communications barrier is developing between themselves and their teens.

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It’s understandable to say regrettable things in the heat of a moment; when angry, teens simply vocalize more those feelings that adults learn to hold back. It’s about instilling the right ethics, values and behavior even if you need to sometimes be strict to achieve it, and in this way you might not be liked but you will be respected. Pam Myers received a Bs Ed in Education and her teaching credential from USC and was a 6th grade teacher for 13 years for the Ocean View School District in Huntington Beach, CA.Drawing on her research knowledge and clinical experience, internationally respected neurologist—and mother of two boys—Frances E. D., offers a revolutionary look at the science of the adolescent brain, providing remarkable insights that translate into practical advice for both parents and teenagers. She and Dr Bob met at USC and were married in 1971.

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Your teens are probably trying to work out who they are and how they fit into peers, the family and society as a whole.Alternatively, some parents in sheer desperation tackle such issues head on, in what can appear to the teenager to be a confrontational or accusatory approach.The fact is that many parents feel undermined and threatened when teens fall inexplicably silent; it signifies a loss of control over their child, and a beginning to going separate ways.When a teen isn’t sharing what’s going on in his or her world anymore, parents feel shut out.Beyond this, however, the suspicious parent often believes the insular teen must have something to hide.Don’t go over the top and try to use ‘text speak’ as that won’t seem at all impressive from ‘someone of your age’, but the mere fact that you recognize your teen’s preferred means of communication may open up a route to discussion.