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Policies practices and procedures for validating invoices

It must show other information, including the Australian Business Number (ABN) of the seller.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) - EFT domestic payments are processed twice a week only, except where the University is closed for Public Holidays.

FX Payments - Overseas payments are processed twice a week only, except where the University is closed for Public Holidays.

Cheque - The preferred payment method of the University is EFT.

However, where cheque payments are made, these procedures must be followed: Special procedures apply where the purchase of an asset involves a trade-in. If an examination of the invoice indicates some discrepancy, this should be clarified with the supplier immediately.

All other goods and services purchased by the University from external providers should be purchased using a requisition, which once approved is dispatched to the supplier as a Purchase Order.

policies practices and procedures for validating invoices-77

Payment must not be given unless the goods or services have been received in satisfactory condition unless a pre-payment agreement has been made.When the University has a liability to pay a supplier for goods or services that have been received or supplied by a customer, but have not yet been paid, invoiced or formally agreed with the supplier, an accrual needs to be made for this expenditure and this will appear in the accounts as a liability.

These situations must be resolved between the two parties, resulting in the account being paid or a credit note (full or partial) being provided by the supplier.It is imperative that operational units establish a receipting process whereby all staff within the unit enter their own goods receipt in , or directly to UQ’s Locked Bag (Computershare, Locked Bag 2002, South Brisbane QLD 4101), they are scanned and uploaded to Viewpoint, the University document archive system.The progress of the invoice can be monitored by checking the requisition life span, Purchase Order document status or Purchase Order activity summary in .Low value items (with a value of less than $5,000) are to be purchased using a University Corporate Credit Card.Refer to PPL 9.40.02 Corporate Credit Cards for further instruction.It shows the price of a sale, indicating whether it includes .