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How do you stop twitter from automatically updating facebook

The Auto-Announce feature is currently under maintenance. We are working on a new, improved version to continue to help you announce your shows to the widest audience.

We thank you for your patience.generates notifications to your fans through your social network whenever you announce a new concert date and as reminders before or on the date of the event, helping to ensure they never miss any of your shows.

You can customize these posts by their frequency and audience to go out on your Facebook, Twitter and/or Tumblr pages. You will be asked to authenticate and grant sync permissions.

--The text you put in the boxes for each event will go out with that type of post. Click "Publish" to post it to your Facebook Timeline.

Recently I linked my Facebook Fan Page to Twitter so I started tweeting everything I posted on my wall. I didn’t want to tweet everything and couldn’t find the setting.

Facebook Connect allows you to bring your Facebook profile with you across the Web.

If you turn one type off but there's already a post scheduled, you may see one more post go out within 24 hrs. --On Facebook, hover over the green check mark to the right of each post type to see what's enabled for that post. In Bandsintown Manager, click on the "Announce" drop-down next to your event in the tour dates list, then "Share Event".

Let us know if there are other websites you'd like to work better with Facebook. Maybe I'll be able to build it when I return next summer.Many people have asked us to make Facebook and Twitter work better together for those times when they want to share their content as widely as possible. Over the next few days, we will be releasing a feature that allows administrators of Facebook Pages to publish their Facebook updates to their Twitter accounts automatically.This will only link Facebook Pages to Twitter, not your individual profile.They include Dane Cook, LIVESTRONG, The World Wildlife Fund, and the NBA, WNBA and D-League.We are always looking to make it easy for you to use Facebook with your favorite websites and applications.Michael is getting ready to return to Stanford University for his junior year.