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Dirty helen s sex

Helen added one additional item to her attire for the evening. In it she carried her ruby red lipstick, a brush, a vibrator, and a large tube of K-Y jelly.

She wanted to attract as much male attention as she could, and being able to walk seductively.

Making her ass and tits jiggle as she walked was a part of her plan.

” Helen readily complied with his request, knowing she would enjoy Saturday, and a new outfit to show herself off in.

She lay back on the couch, turned the TV back up and continued to watch the gang bang video she had purchased the evening before.

” She was still not sure of the voice, it didn’t sound like Les, but she was enjoying the obscene call.

” He continued his raw and vulgar talk, making her hot with the language .

Also in the box were two pairs of black-seamed stockings. In very crude and vulgar language, the note told her to wear the hose, dress, high heels, and nothing else.She had placed a full length mirror at each end of her hallway, and finally got them adjusted so that she could watch herself walk, making improvements and adjustments.By ten o’clock, she had her sexy dress on, along with her bra, and continued to practice her seductive walking.Friday, a package wrapped in plain brown paper had arrived and sat on her doorstep when she arrived home, with just her first name neatly printed on the front. She promptly opened the package, discarding the box and paper to the floor.Inside was a slinky, black, spaghetti strap dress, low-scooped neckline in front and even lower in back.Helen was becoming a true exhibitionist, so very different from her attitude toward sex for her first fifty-two years.