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Sesse cam5 porche

The streak began in 1997 when the upgraded 3.2-litre E36 BMW M3 took the PCOTY gong.

And every one of the six judges voted the M3 as the winner – the first and only time there’s been a unanimous PCOTY champ.

The previous model Boxster S was almost as dominant, taking the 2000 PCOTY crown with 88.3 percent of available points, with four of the six judges picking the mid-engined soft-top. We’ve raved about them as individuals and they have won loads of comparos against other competition but these two cars have never, ever laid a glove to each other’s jaws.

Stand on the Boxster at low rpm in a tallish gear and it’ll respond without any hesitation.

In fact, there’s so much low-end mumbo that the Tiptronic version of the Boxster is programmed to move off from rest in second.

Redline starts at 7500 rpm but there’s no harshness on the run to the eight grand hard-cut. It’s hammer-hard, metallic and raw with just a little F1 yowl thrown in for free.

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Though a very different note, the Porsche’s boxer yodel is just as entertaining as the manic M3’s scream.And with the soft top dropped there is unlimited access to the mechanical melody directly behind your ears.

But both are $140k sportscars with 3.2-litre engines driving the rear wheels through six-speed ’boxes. Beneath the M3’s bulging alloy bonnet lurks one of the greatest internal combustion engines ever given fuel and spark.In amongst the countless phone calls, emails, applications for Lucky Bastard and fact checking, we stumbled across this little gem; of the seven PCOTY held thus far, four have been won by cars wearing Porsche Boxster or BMW M3 badges.The current-model BMW M3 is our reigning superstar of ultimate performance, and the recently revised Porsche Boxster S is an early favourite to finish near the pointy end of this year’s field.Six individual throttle bodies are matched to specific length intake funnels to ensure the best of both power and torque worlds.Raw numbers and tech gibberish are nice and all, but how does this all translate?And with the PCOTY rules stating that only new or revised models shall be eligible, these two champions have never stepped into the ring on the same year.