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Vaadin table not updating

Unfortunately the user interaction did not trigger the Column Resize Listener.

After disassembling most parts of my treetable I detected that the event was triggered irregularly.

That means the listener does not react immediately after the resize but a random time later.

You don’t have to read that guide to walk through this one, but you can if you wish.

If you started with a fresh project, then add the following entity and repository objects and you’re good to go.

Today I kept struggling with the tree table column resize event provided by Vaadins Tree Table component.

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I have a problem updating the grid, I tried the other suggestions in other threads like get View().refresh() or reconfigure but it doesn't work. I have a grid and and an edit button (a toolbar item) which will display a dialog box.

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the refresh will not call the get Posts method to redraw, it will simple refresh to view from the current store models. Vertical Layout; @Spring UI public class Vaadin UI extends UI Congratulations!As of 5.0-alpha3, trees and lists are hardly usable, refreshing all the time, jumping up and down... As well in your "on Success()" you are commiting changes, but because you are modifying the bean outside of the table (via the dialog - with your call to your service) I am not sure if it would be monitoring the changes. if you are using a Cell Editor to edit it in place in a grid, the Cell Editor will send the events to the store that the value has been updated and upon committing them will "keep" the changes (note I do not say store - since you need to do that separately as you are doing). how do i "commit the changes" or how do i notify the store that it has been changed? In this case I am modifying the model directly from the grid. i realized that it reverts to the old data when i try to refresh the page or go to other pages and go back to it.One of the last steps was to make the table react to resize events triggered from the ‘resize hook’ in the column header.