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Updating the infosource

Info Sources contain either transaction data or master data (attributes, texts and hierarchies).

NET Application Server, and then sends it back to client interface.

Database Server − This layer is responsible to store all the data in the database.

In BW, a Data Source is assigned to an Info Source.

If fields that logically belong together exist in various source systems, they can be grouped together into a single Info Source in BW, in which multiple Data Sources can be assigned to an Info Source.

When you want to load the related data from different datasources to the data targets, Infosource comes into picture.

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SAP BPC NW version supports RESTful connection to ABAP backend component and provides regular access to user interface.The following table illustrates the name of the platform and the supported components − SAP BPC for Net Weaver provides various advantages since it is integrated with BW system and allows you to store data in Info Cubes.

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SAP EPM supports various functionalities with SAP Business Planning and Consolidation - BPC-NW or BPC-MS, like financial consolidation, financial information management, supply chain performance management, strategy management and many more areas.For all the records with ROCANCEL is 'X' the value is negative.My requirement is if the item netvalue is 1000 and then if the item value is recuded due to rejection or cancellation I would want to capture that too.In the BW Processing Transfer Rules, individual Data Source fields are assigned to the corresponding Info Object of the Info Source.Here you can also determine how the data for a Data Source can actually be transferred to the Info Source.It prepares consolidated data for updating to the data targets.