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Christian datingcourting advice

Paul told Timothy to “flee youthful lusts” (2 Tim ), and 1 Thess 4:5 warns against the “passions of lust”.

If you see the book literally you will not understand nor grasp the Love God has for you.

If you see the book and the verses in it relating to Christ's love to you then I would love to show you how to experience this Love to the fullest.

The only advice that the Bible gives regarding romantic love is to not force it. A godly mate will make you stronger, but an ungodly spouse will corrupt you (1 Cor ).

Far too often, people are so desperate to be in love that they force themselves into unhealthy situations in the hopes that it will awaken love – the exact opposite of God’s advice (SS 2:7).

The important thing is to be able to explain things to your daughter and her boyfriend in biblical terms.

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Dear Feeling Ugly, One of our favorite verses in the Bible is Ps which says, “Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.” When we are waiting for that right person to come along, and especially when we desperately want to be noticed and seen by the opposite gender, it can be an unbelievably hopeless feeling…

One way to answer your question would be to list the thousands of statistics that describe how much healthier of a lifestyle monogamy is.We could explain the risks of promiscuity and the increased failure rate of relationships that pursue intimacy before marriage.There are studies far and wide that prove the healthiest, happiest, and most well-adjusted relationships are monogamous relationships that wait until marriage…but that isn’t the way we are going to answer your question because as compelling as secular studies are, they aren’t nearly as compelling as the Bible.The other way to answer your question is to tell you that God says sex outside of marriage is a sin and that we should flee all fornication (1 Cor ).Until marriage, it is important that you and your girlfriend avoid lustful situations altogether.