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Britney dating paris

Us Weekly landed a scoop that Britney was getting cold feet, that she no longer thought of Trawick as husband material.

"I would be doing the nation an invaluable service.”The talent show supremo’s interest has been regularly repeated in the press ever since.

The first person to be cryonically frozen was Dr James Bedford in 1967.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star Online, president of the institute Dennis Kowalski said that a number of high-profile clients have signed up for the futuristic procedure."We have billionaires, Hollywood celebs and top surgeons on our books," he said.

"160 bodies are already frozen at our institute, and over 100 pets!

And cryonics could be used to transport living people to Mars in stasis tanks.

And with cryonics becoming as cheap if not cheaper than conventional funerals, they soon won't be preserve of the super-rich.Currently 2,000 people have put their names down at just one centre — the US-based Cryonics Institute.

In April a court appointed Trawick as the co-conservator, a situation that arises when a court decides a person “can’t adequately provide food, clothing, and shelter” for herself, says Meg Lodise, a partner at a Los Angeles law firm specializing in conservatorships.The pop star, who just a few years ago had reached depths so low that she was seen shaving her head in public, had found love with her agent-turned-fiancé, Jason Trawick.The tabloids were speculating about a Hawaii wedding.The process involves removing the patient's blood and storing the body in a tank of liquid nitrogen.Dennis says the rich and powerful want to be frozen because cryonics "offers the dream of a better world."And world-famous pop star Britney Spears is one of the latest stars to reportedly sign up for what Dennis calls an "ambulance ride to the future."Recently a pal told US news sources, that the "Toxic" singer wants to be frozen so that she can be brought back to life when medical science has sufficiently advanced.But summer came and has nearly gone, and Britney hasn’t walked down the aisle.