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Sex dating in pearl mississippi

One example is with the Mississippi government website.

The original story appears to have emerged from the United States, however.

A more detailed version run on America's News Relay website describes the couple as living in Indiana.

Now Mr Bailey says that when he was 18 he learned his mother's story - and she also told him that she was dying from brain cancer.

Six months later she passed away and he decided to track down his grandmother.

Miss Carter never saw her daughter again and eventually married, but had no more children.

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The abhorrent love match between the granny and her grandson, 46 years her junior, has been turning stomachs as it speeds around the globe, leaving even regular bloggers - who have seen much of the weirdness the internet has to offer - open-mouthed.

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Now heavily pregnant, Roxanne admits she was initially shocked when she learned of the relationship between the budding parents, whom she sees once a month when they accompany her for scans.'I make no apologies and I believe God's given me a second chance,' says Miss Carter.Another blogger suggests that the photos might be real but a prankster has written a fanciful story to go with them.Neither Miss Carter nor her grandson have yet emerged to confirm their bizarre story - and there do not appear to be any local reports of it either.While it is useful for finding out information about others, it's often disconcerting to those that find their own information included within these public records.In general, if the information on you inside of the Mississippi public records is made public, there is little you can do.However, you may be able to reduce some of this information yourself, simply by remembering to keep as much of your life private as possible.