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Singapore breaks speed dating

We watched the world go by for an hour or two (Circular Quay is a popular after work dining area) then went back towards the hotel via the Brotzeit German Bier Bar (almost as extortionate as Raffles) and O’Gambino’s Irish Italian Bar (no joke, no explanation, not Irish, not Italian).

Well that’s what the media would have us think but it doesn’t, of course, take into account all those who got here illegally, which we don’t know and will never know.

So any figures gleaned from embarkation controls are fairly meaningless.

With a butterfly garden, free 24-hour cinema, rooftop swimming pool and spa to entertain weary travellers, Singapore’s Changi has been named the best airport in the world for the fourth consecutive year.

Changi, which also won for best airport for leisure amenities, has an array of activities – from the tallest slide in an airport and a cactus garden to high-end shops and hawker food – making many of the world’s airports look dull in comparison.

Double that by two or three shifts, multiply it by the number of international terminals, then multiply it again by the number of airports handling international flights and you’ll get the picture next time the issue hits the front pages.

After leaving Raffles we walked past the Singapore Art Gallery fronted by a huge inflatable white rabbit (no idea what that was about) and down towards Circular Quay on the Singapore River.We passed the Singapore Cricket Club on the way and as we hadn’t had time to visit the Sydney Cricket Ground it was nice to see the other “SCG”.

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Then, hey presto, we know how many haven’t left so we know how many people are here illegally.Lines of leaf-shaped bamboo fans waving in sequence while birds flew in and out of the bar to the crunch of discarded cashew shells littering the floor (rather like Cafe Chaos in Amsterdam for those who know it). Pepper Bloody Mary for Gayle and Martini Royale (shaken, not stirred, naturally) for me.It’s certainly not somewhere you would go on a bender with the drinks costing nearly £30 a round but it was well worth the visit.I am delighted that in our busiest ever year, passengers have recognised the progress we have made with these three awards.Proponiamo una grande raccolta di ricette in italiano. The early evening heat was building again so it was a perfect time to stop off at the Penny Black Victorian Pub which it wasn’t but at least it sold beer.