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I kept licking and sucking till I had swallowed it all and his dick was nice and clean.

I did not want to tell him that, but I found myself looking up at him. As I pulled it out I whispered loudly "I want your seed. Her eyes were still glued on me sucking Mike's big dick. "Come closer and have a better look, its ok," he added as he motioned her over with his head. This is turning me on, seeing her hot flushed face so close to mine. "Go ahead, check out my balls." Even though her body was saying yes, she shook her head no. When was the last time you were this close to a black man's balls? "Then go ahead, this may be your only chance." With that, hesitatingly at first, she reached out her hot little right hand and gingerly cupped his ball sack. "Much bigger than my boyfriend's." "Go ahead, play a little with them.

"I love your big black cock." I licked the head of his cock and briefly took it in my mouth. She had just spread her legs and put her hand under her skirt. She shook her head no as she continued playing with herself and her eyes do not leave his cock. Her thick sensual lips were slightly parted as she breathed heavier, taking in the scene before her.

If all went well in person meetings in their office 300 miles away. My boss said that if I got the lead on this account I would be expected to perform.

I took that thick black cock in my mouth and drained his balls.

Then I performed oral sex on her, at Mike's bidding.

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Monday morning while Denise and I worked on things for our big meeting with the company's new client on Tuesday afternoon, she went into greater detail than usual about her weekend.

I wrapped my white hand as best I could around his black cock and took the head into my mouth. "I love seeing you kneel before me in your lingerie. Denise took his suggestion and wound up dropping to her knees beside him. Oddly I almost felt honoured, yet appalled at the same time. He had been semi-flacid but quickly grew to full size as I worked on him. Her eyes were fixated on the big black tool that I was still stroking and sucking on. "Crouch down and get a close up look," Mike suggested. Fill my mouth with your seed." I kept sucking on Mike's cock. That would be the only way to get him to shoot his load. Denise hesitated, then rose from the couch and slowly walked over. He seemed more turned on than ever with Denise's help. "Now go over to the couch with Denise, and take care of her, she needs it." I looked over at her and the lust was still in her eyes. While going about my weekend chores, my mind kept going back to the week before. Jism came shooting out of this cock head hitting the back of my mouth. My mouth was filled as he drained his big balls into me. On the Fridays when we had sex, it was in standard missionary position with no added 'kink' to boot. "Thats a good girl Shauna, you did not lose a drop." I suddenly remembered what Mike had told me last time. "Thank you for cumming in my mouth, thank you for giving me your seed," I said almost hurriedly.