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To that end, we succeeded, and continue to evolve and innovate.

Netsanity has a 100%, US-based customer service center with agents that will help with on-boarding and are available for questions using a dedicated feedback widget, email, or phone.

After the AP has installed the service on the targeted user’s device and has set up the filtering and restrictions as needed, both parties can resume normal activity.

Having an adult accountability service or software is not without its challenges.

Unlike a parent with a child, which they can generally control, an adult has no legal restrictions to prevent nor to stop circumventing self-imposed protections.

The need for adult accountability software is real and growing. Now, many adults are being proactive in trying to curb their addictions with tools never before available.

We have parents in over 50 countries that have installed many thousands of devices that currently filter and monitor more than 3 million internet transactions daily.What we did NOT know, and what we learned over those 3 years is that parents and kids are not the only users of our service.

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The right balance is to have your technology handy and helping you, while at the same time, offering protection and monitoring.Just search for fake calculators, fake folders, and fake browsers in the app store just to get an idea of options.So unless 100% of app installs are disabled and many standard apps are removed, the safe browsing will not achieve its intended goal of protecting the adult.The process is quite simple and can be set up in a few minutes.It is NOT an app, and works seamlessly and transparently in the background.It rose from 38th place to 23rd, a higher position than online titans such as e Bay, MSN and Netflix. When we started Netsanity over 3 years ago, we had a goal in mind: help parents manage their children’s internet usage, filter pornography, and give parents another tool to help them gain a foothold on the ever-growing mobile technology that was widening the gap between themselves and their brilliant, tech-savvy kids.