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We also cover in detail branding and private labeling your products to differentiate yourself from the competition and truly create your own empire.

With the sample that you have left for your records we are going to take some super sweet product photos for all you listings.

If you have sold your sample then dont worry you can just use one of the products when they arrive.

With crazy new buying trends like Black Friday and Cyber Monday only prove that the world is starting to hit the online market places in a big way with Billions being spent every year.

This course teaches you how to build a business importing hot selling high quality products from primarily China and sell them for HUGE profits.

;) There are many different methods of shipping and getting you products to your door.

The Terapeak Hotlist is a free service and can be used to see some of e Bays best sellers, how much they are selling for, how many units are selling on a week by week basis and who is selling them.

In the start its very much a DIY effort, you will probably be fulfilling the orders from your home so its important to have as much set up as possible.Relax, its not going to be as frantic as you think but it will still be fun and you are going to learn loads.With your order on the way it is very important to have as much ready as possible so once it arrives you can get it out to market ASAP.You will be taught in detail what to source, were to source it and how to sell it to maximize your sales and profits.You are going to learn in detail how to use one of the worlds biggest marketplaces known as Alibaba.We will cover: Once you have your products presented professionally, you will learn advanced techniques in selling on e Bay and Amazon to take your sales to the next level.