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Brad p the underground dating seminar

Let’s be real: Most people start a conference because they see an opportunity to make money, put people into their sales funnel, and push their platform…and there’s nothing wrong with that.

They were sick of gigantic and totally impersonal summit formats.

They wanted to spend their time and attention: Last year was the first experiment and I truly wasn’t sure what would happen.

…and it also puts you in the best position for making contact with other VIPs throughout the event.

This plush area is the perfect spot to build your network of high-level contacts over coffee and tea throughout the day..

But when Yanik started Underground back in 2004, it came from a completely different place… And finding reliable, honest information about what’s actually working isn’t always easy… That’s why we’re continuing Yanik’s tradition of bringing real-world ‘doers’ to the stage who know what’s …most of us in this industry don’t know how to do it. …and we bought the car …we got the house …we stayed in the 5 star hotels …we bought the Rolex …and the Manolos Instead, we feel isolated…lost…disconnected… That’s why Dush and I added a third element to Underground…

It’s all in the interest of shaking things up, getting everyone out of their business comfort zone, and into a mindset of creativity and shared opportunity…

You have to be crystal clear on definition of success……you seriously do not want to miss Underground 2017 – X Marks the Spot! Dush and I have been in the online marketing industry for over a decade (closer to two for me), and we knew the industry lost something special when Underground went away in 2014.Other conferences had stimulated our brains, sometimes touched our hearts, but rarely stirred our souls……as well as do some reconnaissance and deal-making with real power players over a martini or two as it transforms to a bar in the afternoons.This dinner is the envy of entry-level attendees each year.You see, Underground was the only conference that focused on integrity.