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Communication in intercultural dating relationships

People in an intercultural marriage have to add socio-cultural customs, beliefs, and key values to that pot.

Aside from language, intercultural communication focuses on social attributes, thought patterns, and the cultures of different groups of people.

It also involves understanding the different cultures, languages and customs of people from other countries.

Despite every effort on both sides, there are always situations in which cultural barriers cannot be overcome in an intercultural marriage.

“Being with someone from a different cultural background is always a challenge,” David says.

The political history also has a big effect on the values and attitudes of people with a certain cultural background.

In an intercultural marriage, challenges may double due to the fact that both partners are facing a language barrier.“In the beginning, we struggled to communicate,” Sofia remembers.

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I’d mainly focused on studying business English, and it was sometimes hard to express what I thought or felt.Intercultural communication plays a role in social sciences such as anthropology, cultural studies, linguistics, psychology and communication studies.Intercultural communication is also referred to as the base for international businesses.But it helped him understand where I was coming from and why I am who I am.” For both partners in a successful marriage, it is essential to know, understand, and embrace each other’s cultural roots.It’s easy to start by learning more about holiday traditions and national cuisine.“For us, this knowledge was what turned our relationship into a lasting and, most importantly, loving one.” In any marriage, you would enquire about your partner’s childhood, their family, and maybe even about prior relationships.