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The easiest answer to this question is to hack their Whats App account.

Using an online Whats App hacking tool, you can easily hack into anyone Whats App account and gain access to their information. Step 1: Go to enter the number of the Whats App account you want to hack. One of the shortcomings of using this method is that it may not accurately provide the data you request.

Step 2: Select the type of data you want and the duration you wish. You may also need to verify the program before you can gain access to the information and the process doesn’t always work the way it should. When buying you will provide them with an email address where they will send the download link and other information.

Down Detector, an independent website that tracks social mentions around certain topics to detect outages across the world, has also seen thousands of reports.

It's currently unclear what is causing the problems but some users have mentioned that the Messenger App the app keeps crashing after updating to i OS 11.

Step 3: With your log-in details, you can then log in to your Highster Mobile dashboard on any browser and get all the Whats App information for that device.

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One user complained on Twitter (of all places), "I literally can’t have Facebook messenger open for more than a second before it crashes"Another commented: "Why does my facebook messenger keep closing when I open it!!"One Apple smartphone owner also reported, "Once I’ve opened the app it just automatically closes.

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Please check the i OS of the target device before purchasing.If you don't get back to the hotel, you could end up walking the Maga Walk of Shame ORIGINAL STORYFacebook Messenger has been crashing all morning with thousands of users reporting that the not just popular phone chat app, but technically essential apps for Facebook users, currently unable to access the service.It seems the issues started at around 2am this morning and have continued throughout the day with no end in sight for a fix.but messenger working ok on my android phone." Wrote one user, while another said, "Seems to be i OS problem, Android devices are working fine."According to Forbes, the issue may have something to do with an obscure bit of code, "Crypto Token Kit", found in the latest version of the software."A mobile developer I contacted, Albert Renshaw, captured a logfile generated when Messenger crashed on his phone, and found an odd reference to a system framework called 'Crypto Token Kit'" explained Forbes contributor Jonn Koetsier. This cheeky Magaluf Facebook page strives to shame the revellers who haven't made it home after a night out.Wearing last night's clothes or passed out in a bin, it doesn't matter.Or a parent who thinks their child is talking to the wrong people on Whats App?