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Devout christian dating atheist

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Fundamentalist Christians may answer that by saying they are at least hurting themselves spiritually and possibly mentally, and to that I say the spiritual thing just means it doesn’t match up with what the bible says and you can find plenty of sexually active mentally healthy single people, gay and straight.

The idea that people have to be married to have sex can be very detrimental because it can drive people to get married at a very young age because they don’t want to wait much longer.

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Personally, I dropped the idea of no sex before marriage after I realized the only argument people had for it was it was what god wanted and that it was somehow more special.

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If god did design people, why would he have sex feel so good but only allowed under a particular circumstance involving a ceremony?I don’t really see too much of a difference between people having sex before or after a wedding, only difference I can see is a ceremony and piece of paper.When people who are not married have sex, I don’t see how they could be doing anything inherently wrong because as long as they are practicing safe consensual sex they are not hurting themselves or anyone else.If your Internet bandwidth is slow, or you'd like to listen to back episodes, you can purchase an audio compilation. Podcasting audio syndication is most useful with i Tunes, which is freely downloaded from Apple.If you already have i Tunes, you can subscribe by clicking here.To browse our reports and data by subject, select from the list below.