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Due to the extensive scope of these excavations, which revealed an uninterrupted occupational sequence spanning the 17th –7th centuries BCE, Tel Miqne-Ekron is an unparalleled source of information regarding the Late Bronze Age in the southern coastal plain, the transition to the Iron Age, and nearly six centuries of Philistine settlement at the site.

Creating space for more than 80’000 new residents is a significant challenge; yet, it is also a tremendous opportunity in a city where land annexing is not under discussion, industri| Marcos Santamaría Boyeras | 2015 | Proyectos V | ETSAB | Profesores: Jordi Adell El proyecto contempla la rehabilitación de la finca Vila Joana de Vallvidriera.

Que alberga actualmente las dependencias del Museo Verdaguer.

La complejidad de ese polo industrial no consiste solo en su| Alberto Maestro Morato | 2017 | 5o curso | ETSAB | Profesor: Tony Fretton El proyecto propone romper con el Masterplan predeterminado teniendo más en cuenta el entorno donde se desarrollará.

De este modo vemos como la relación entre la zona de proyecto y la ciudad de Barcelona está desvinculada a través de Montjuïc, mostrándose así como un punto de inflexión entre la ciudad y la zona de más carácter industrial, com| Fantini | 2016 | City and Hall | Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio | Professors: Piet Eckert, Wim Eckert with Michelle Badrutt Andrea Faraguna Introduction The City is a place for dreams to come true.

El objetivo es dotar al edificio de un nuevo uso, un Hotel de 4 estrellas, con 22 habitaciones.

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I take this opportunity to thank AIAR director, Sy Gitin, for his encouragement and support of this project.

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This infrastructure scar leaves many| Marc Sánchez Alfonso | 2017 | 4º curso | ETSAB | Profesor: Luís Alegre Construir un gran edificio que permita darle vida a la zona, en harmonia con las edificaciones existentes, pero a la vez suficientement adaptable a nuevos usos futuros.The results of this research project will form the basis for an article (in preparation) on the Late Bronze Age at Tel Miqne-Ekron, to be submitted to a peer reviewed journal.The data, detailed analysis and narrative text will appear as components in the final excavation report of Field INW/SW: The Acropolis Excavation (edited by S. The interpretive chapter in this final report will also integrate the results from the summit with those excavated in the sondage, including a previously unpublished statistical study of Strata IX–VIII Late Bronze Age pottery from the east slope (sondage) of Field INE.The pottery repertoire of this structure, together with ceramics associated with earlier Late Bronze Age strata and the post-destruction assemblages from the summit, comprised the focus of my Tel Miqne-Ekron Late Bronze Age pottery research project as a National Endowment of the Humanities fellow at the Albright Institute of Archaeological Research this year.During my tenure at the Albright, and with the invaluable assistance of Rachel Ben-Dov, the Late Bronze pottery from the summit was sorted, restored, processed, documented and sent for drawing.Identified with Philistine Ekron, one of the five “pentapolis” cities mentioned in Joshua 13:3, the site is situated on the southern coastal plain of the modern state of Israel at the interface of Philistia’s eastern border with Judah.