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Stories of dating sex

It was a nice cream pie in my ass, I couldn’t get enough of it.

(Read More…) Popularity: 4% This chick really loves being fucked by numerous cocks, the more cocks cum all over her, the happier she is.

Read this wonderful story and get hot as never before… I can see them all round, hanging in front of my face, still hard, some are limp and semi erect.

She looked like a model who had juts stepped down from the glamorous glossy magazine.

Shyla loved men, especially their cocks, and the sperm in their huge balls was just driving her crazy.

He said that the she would have to fuck in a gang bang movie.

With your small voice you say: “I see this is not the girls changing room. I slide my cock in more and more, you keep gripping my forearms from behind.

We respected Thomas a lot that’s why we didn’t see a woman in Lily.This last Saturday he asked me to stay a bit later to talk about work and I said yes knowing what his intentions were.When everyone was gone about 6 pm, his friend Taras came in.God, he came so deep in me, I can never push his cum back out.His sperm smelled really good, it was making me reel and getting me dizzy. (Read More…) Popularity: 3% This chick is dreaming of becoming a movie star, she gets her first role in a porn movie and she’s got to prove that she is the best… She was in a perfect complexion, her curves were appealing and her sexy killing forms won’t leave anyone unimpressed!After what felt like 15 cum shots he finally stopped and pulled his black cock out of my asshole.